Ancient People and Their Diet

How the Greeks Eat In Ancient Times

Greece’s rocky landscape dictated the food they ate in ancient times, like vegetables and fruits. They ate olives, lentils, chickpeas, green peas, and other beans. They also ate cabbage, parsnips and onions, garlic and leeks, also apples, figs, and almonds. Greek people ate more fish than most other people in the Mediterranean.

Breakfast consisted of bread dipped in wine. Bread dipped in wine again for lunch, along with some olives, figs, cheese or dried fish. Supper was the main meal of the day. Eaten near sunset it consisted of vegetables, fruit, fish, and possibly honey cakes, which had no sugar.

The Greek diet’s main source of protein is fish, and rarely is beef eaten because it was very expensive.

Civilized Greek people only consider eating fresh meat if the cows and the pigs were first sacrificed to the gods. The poor of the nation can only have beef and pork during religious feasts, given to them by the rich. But, generally, most people only had meat on holidays. It was only around 500 BC when they learned to eat chicken and chicken’s eggs.

What the Greeks drink? Wine, of course. It’s the main drink in ancient Greece. However, they take it watered down, as drinking it straight is considered barbaric, uncultured. And so is goat milk. But milk is mainly used in cheese production. The also eat bread, using it to scoop up or soak in food or soups. They eat with their hands and don’t use spoons or forks or knives. Bread is also used as napkins to wipe their hands and later thrown to the dogs. For dessert, the Greeks like honey cakes (they don’t know sugar), and yogurt with honey and walnuts.

Have you heard about Greeks feasting or having dinner parties? It was always exclusively male, no women in the house are permitted, even if they live there. After wine offering to the gods, the men ate, drank and talked politics or morals. Young girls and boys entertain. Merry-making can be wild.

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