Modern Greek Food and Ancient Influences

Greek Cuisine Down History

The base of traditional Greek food are those produced by the many small farmers of that nation – cheeses, oils, fruits, nuts, grains, legumes, and vegetables. Three items have characterized Greek cuisine through the centuries – bread, olives and wine. The country’s climate is perfect for growing olives and lemons, and its hilly terrain sprouts acres of vineyards as far as the eye could see. Its soil yield plenty of spices, garlic and herbs like oregano, mint, thyme, and basil, as well as vegetables, like zucchini and legumes of all types. And because part of the country is made up of islands, fish and seafood are common in the people’s diet. Poultry, beef and pork are also staple; and for holidays, the Greeks love to prepare lamb and goat dishes.

Names of their ingredients, dishes, and cooking methods have changed little over time and a study of each Greek recipe is like a journey going back to Greece’s history. More importantly, let us look at the major influences to Greek cuisine, though itself has influenced other cuisines. You can actually say that its cuisine is ‘fusion’ cuisine.

All the way back to 350 BC, in the time of Alexander the Great when the empire extended from Europe to India, the northern and eastern influences came into Greek cooking. When Rome invaded Greece in 146 BC, Roman style cooking was absorbed by Greece. And then came Turkish influence and for nearly 400 years since 1453 AD, when the Roman Empire fell to the Turks, many Greek classics bore Turkish names. Successive invasions brought other culinary characteristics – Venetians, Balkans, Slavs, and the English. Over time, Grecian cuisine evolved and adapted the different influences to their local taste, including their ingredients and cooking style.

The Greek diet also crossed borders and made influxes into other cultures around the world. So as it is, Greek food is no stranger even to people in North America.

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