The Most Gyros Eaten in Ten Minutes

How many gyros could you eat in ten minutes? This was the challenge of the 2013 gyro eating contest at the Houston Greek Festival. It was here that twelve bold gurgitators pitted their stomachs against plates of full-sized Greek sandwiches, made complete with lamb, beef, onions, tzatziki sauce, and pita bread, for a chance to claim the Gyro Eating Championship 2013 belt and the title of “Gyro Hero”.

The winner of this event was Joey Chestnut, the world’s top competitive eater and former gyro eating world-record holder. Averaging over two gyros per minute, his final total came out to 22.25 gyros. It is thusly that he claimed a new world record for gyros eaten in ten minutes, a record that stands to this day.

Even if you aren’t a record-holding competitive eater, Athena’s Food Truck in Seattle offers numerous delicious gyro options that will have you stuffing your stomach. Choose from lamb and beef, garlic lemon chicken, pork souvlaki, falafel, and hummus off of our catering menu for your own event.